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Overview of the history and technique of stencil illumination
The tools – Creation of the Lettrine (the letter which begins a chapter)
Breaking the image down - Design and engraving of stencils with a canivet
Use of the pompon brush
Coloring 15 to 40 copies with brushes
Tools and materials are furnished by the workshop and remain its property. Students should bring their own lab coats .
Students’ works remain their property after review by the instructor.

COST : 550 euros a week (tax included) – Prices include materials.
3-4 people maximum - Reservations necessary :
please contact me by e-mail

At the workshop - Getting there
Minimum of one week
Monday to Thursday : 9:30- 12:30 – 14:00-17:30 - Friday : 9:30- 13:00

TRAINING SESSION DATES >> Last quarter of 2015 - First quarter of 2016.
Dates to be announced. Email for more information.

The duration of the workshop is determined by level of sophistication of the work to be undertaken, as well as the number of colors to be used. Patience, attention, care, precision and awareness are qualities which will be necessary to succeed at this art of the senses and of movement.

Programs are adapted to the children’s age and the number of students. Illumination is basically the marriage of text and image. Complexity is age-appropriate.
Rediscovery of writing

The letter, a playful tool, source and object of communication, of history and of fantasy.
How is a letter constructed, what allows us to transform it, to decorate it in delightful fashion, to make it enrich or illustrate a text or a word ?

The letter, a name, a sound, a form : a personage
Creation of stories or poems where the letters or the words are the characters and the heroes. We can play with the repetition of a letter or a sound, for instance, starting from a plot chosen with the children. Our work may end with the story being set up for printing.

Illumination: the marriage of text and image

A story to be realized in illuminated pages will be chosen. We will consider different ways to tie together text and image.
What images and what parts of the text should be selected ?
How much relative importance should be accorded to these elements?
How should they be organized on a page or pages ?
Introduction to letter design.
Work on the colors.
Creation of a prototype before the real thing.
During the work, stress is laid on the qualities necessary to do good illumination: patience, care, neatness…

The class starts with a short history of illumination and its relevance in today’s world.

COST : 160 euros + tax for a morning or afternoon session - ( there is a minimum number of students required per class) - 300 euros + tax for an all-day session. Tax is 19.6%
If you’re staying more than 15 kilometers (10 miles) from Fontevraud, please figure 0.50 euros + tax per kilometer outside the village for transport.

Depth of study will depend on the number of sessions, the degree of completeness the works will be brought to, whether older students will paint a page with a brush or create calligraphy with a pen (prior introduction required).


3 - hour Session:
30 - centimeter ruler - Compasses - Square – White eraser – 2H pencil – Colored pencils and fine-tipped felt pens.
Blackboard and white, blue, red and green chalk or
whiteboard and appropriate black, red, green and blue markers
The board should be large enough to be seen by everyone.
Before the session starts, each child or adult should draw up a three-to-ten-line story of his or her choice.
5 sheets of white xerox paper (format A4) - 2 pieces of high-quality, cream-colored paper of the same format or bigger for adults (15 years and older)

One-day Session:
Same as above + fine-tipped pen (the brand should be Sergent Major - metal-tipped, fine-point pens for dipping) – A pen-holder
Black, green, red, blue inks and little glass or plastic pots to hold the inks
Rag – Blotting paper – Smock or some kind of protective clothing for the little ones.